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As a language school you know the importance of these three key points:

Vocabulary is a vital component, but unfortunately 99% of the job depends on the student. Teachers can't do so much to help students, just provide them with word lists and trust they will memorize all the words. If you want to minimize this problem, and invest your time in Grammar, Listening and Pronunciation, we can help you with our vocabulary platform for schools.


school teaching chinese vocabulary


School License Prices

Once you know all the benefits of this platform for schools, let us show you the most important and attractive feature of this tool, ... the very low price.

Pay attention to the price per student monthly and you will have a good reason to choose us as your partner for vocabulary.

Type Students Duration Price Student Monthly
Trial 20 0 Year 0.00€ 0.00€
Teacher 30 1 Year 950.00€ 2.64€
Basic 100 1 Year 2,495.00€ 2.08€
Bronze 250 1 Year 4,995.00€ 1.67€
Silver 500 1 Year 6,995.00€ 1.17€
Gold 1000 1 Year 9,995.00€ 0.83€
Platinum 2000 1 Year 17,995.00€ 0.75€

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