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Schools quick guide - Create classroom
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Quick guide for Schools

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F.- Create Classrooms.

Now is time to group captured students by classrooms. Proceed as follows:

1. Log in as administrator or teacher.

2. Go to 'Classrooms' tab and click on 'Add a Classroom'.

3. Fill data and 'Save' the classroom.

4. To modify a classroom data, just double click on it.

5. To add students to a classroom just edit the classroom (double click), select 'Students in this classroom' tab and then click on 'Add and remove students' button.

6. From the table 'Students in this school' select the desired student and then press 'plus' icon to add him to the current classroom.

7. To remove a student from a classroom, select him fro the table 'Students in this classroom' and then press 'minus' icon.

IMPORTANT: One student cannot be added to more than one classroom.

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