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Let us show you the features and benefits of this tool.


 Learn Chinese vocabulary The website will be customized for your school:

         Learn Chinese vocabulary It shows your banner.

         Learn Chinese vocabulary Home page shows a school main menu instead of general info.

         Learn Chinese vocabulary Main menu has a link to your school website .

     customize your school

 Learn Chinese vocabulary A Main Administrator can create Teachers.

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Teachers can build groups (classrooms).

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Teachers can assign homework to the students (e.g "You must complete game 'HSK2.1' for next tuesday with silver medal").

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Teachers can monitor students, track their progress, scores, certificates, ...

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Students can see their position in rankings (by classroom, school, state, country, worlwide,...).

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Students will enjoy a premium account (full access to all games, no ADs, statistics, trophies, extra content,...).

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Administrator can add-remove students up to the license limit according with the school needs. If you have a 3-month intensive class with 100 students at a time, 'Basic License' can accommodate the 400 students who will study at your school over the entire year.

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Once a student leave your school, he can still use our site if he get a premium account (all the progress, scores, belts,... he made, will be available for him).

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Available 24/7.


 Learn Chinese vocabulary Invest the time of your teachers more effectively, and do not waste more time teaching vocabulary. Delegate this job to us, we want to be your partner for vocabulary.

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Do not think how much does it cost, think how much do you save.

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Motivate your students. They will work to get more trophies, to increase their positions in rankings, to change belts,... always in a funny way.

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Fidelize your students. They will enjoy a premium account without any cost.

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Improve your brand image and catch new students by offering a customized eLearning platform.

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Overtake your competitors by using new technologies.

 Learn Chinese vocabulary Take a solid position against the 100% online courses that could push traditional schools out of business.

School license prices

Once you know all the benefits of this platform for schools, let us show you the most important and attractive feature of this tool, ... the very low price.

Pay attention to the price per student monthly and you will have a good reason to choose us as your partner for vocabulary.

Do you need more students? Contact us.

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