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Enjoy our tested and proven games to complement your Chinese course.

Learn over 5,000 words to pass all your HSK exams!

Today China is getting the focus in so many aspects. As a consequence, the Chinese language is becoming the most requested language worldwide. So, be ready for the future. Let's study Chinese !!!

In the process of learning a language, there are two main aspects:
    Learn Chinese vocabulary Grammar
    Learn Mandarin vocabulary Vocabulary

For grammar, the best way to learn is attending classes.

But for vocabulary all you can do is study and study. Memorize a huge number of words by yourself. Nobody can help you ... or maybe yes. Let's do this job with the help of ... the Choorries.

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You will learn more than 5,000 Chinese words just playing. Choorries will help you to learn through hundreds of games that run in the most popular devices (computers, smartphones, tablets,...) and systems (windows, ios, linux, android,...).

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Your progress and statistics will be shown, and saved on the cloud.

This tool is suitable for kids, businesspeople and travellers.

Prepare your Confucius Institute official HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, HSK5 and HSK6 tests with us. Select your vocabulary targets, review your statistics and change the color of your belt according to your progress (available only for premium accounts).

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